bel's dreamyard

munna + musharna

flats (clearfiles, tcg, stickers, etc) not displayed. last photographed ~june 2021.

Munna + Musharna Keychain

2012 / Pokémon Center
Evolutionary Line Metal Keychains
on the cardboard still, but doesn't have its plastic packaging.

Munna Pokédoll

2010 / Pokémon Center
Pokédoll Line
TTO. my favorite munnie plush in terms of looks because she's just perfectly shaped

MPC Musharna Keychain

2012 / Banpresto
My Pokémon Collection (UFO)

Munna Phone Strap

Sep 2010 / Pokémon Center
"Mini Mascot Figure"
sealed in packaging. i absolutely love the little flower pattern on the phone strap itself

Munna BW Plush

??? / Banpresto
Best Wishes Plush (UFO)
worn and well-loved. always at my bedside

Musharna Poké Plush

??? / Pokémon Center
Poké Plush
TTO. i bought her at nintendo world NY around 2018.

Munna + Audino Clay Figures

custom by me!
two cute little figures made from air-dry clay.

more info later