bel's dreamyard

i like music, like a lot!

that's kind of a given. who doesn't?

i'm probably listening to music like 85% of the time that i'm out in the world, especially when i'm going to and from places. i really enjoy all kinds of electronic music, which sounds like a pretty weird blanket statement to make. when i say 'all kinds', i mean it! i enjoy everything, from ambient techno to extratone, and every kind of weird niche inbetween. i'm in no way an expert or a snob, just a bit of a nerd about it, so i tend to ramble on and on about stuff.. i love listening to and discovering new stuff, because i believe there's always something out there to be listened to. if there's music being made, there's someone out there to enjoy it!

i love recommendations, so feel free to show me some cool stuff you're listening to! or, you can ask me about what i think you'd like!