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welcome to my collection page! i collect cheren, bianca, and munna/musharna merchandise, because they've been my most favorite characters ever since i first played bw a decade ago! i also like to collect various other unova things i can get my hands on! i only started seriously collecting in the past few years, but it's always been something i've been interested in. i'm very glad to be able to show my love of the things that mean so much to me through it!

my collection is currently packed away because i don't have space to properly display everything, and as a result i only really take pictures of things when i get them. not everything in my collection is photographed or displayed here!

most of my collection i've gotten secondhand, and i'm very lucky to be a part of a collecting community that's helped me source and import a good chunk of my stuff! i have a dog and his hair gets on everything so some of these might be covered in dog hair, lol

as of now things are a bit bare-bones but feel free to browse some of the pages below! please don't use my images without my permission.
better photographs coming soon. flats (clearfiles, stickers, postcards) are not displayed yet.

cheren collection / bianca collection / munna and musharna collection / other unova stuff

last updated summer 2021

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